Come exprience Royal Brow & Lash treatment by Queen Tee 
I'm an original Georgia Peach of Atlanta, GA & since my childhood I have always been tickled turquoise about fashion, trend setting, girly stuff & of course, makeup!
My dad "Paul 'Blue" Taylor" was a successful barber shop owner & my mom "CJ" is a natural in creativity-- she made ends meet by hosting fish frys, doing fingerwaves & applying strip lashes and sewing yet her passion was politics due to her determination for me to excel as a little girl growing up in the housing projects-- she ran for President of the Tenant Association and became the 1st youngest woman in history to win. Her objection was to get as much grants & opportunity for our community which was so desperately needed such as better unit living, updated appliances, after school assistance, more police protection,etc.  She  also had a creative nact for unique fashions for me thru out my childhood. So as you see, there was no way i could exscape " my parents" traits!